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Benefit Eligibility for Veterans

All benefits (with the exception of some insurance programs and certain medical benefits) payable to the veterans or their dependents require that the service upon which the benefits are requested be terminated under conditions other than dishonorable. The amount of time you had to serve to qualify for benefits varies between war and peacetime service.

 Timetable for Benefits (from active duty separation date) 
 V.E.A.P. (1/77 - 3/87) 10 years
 New GI Educational (7/85 - present) 10 years
 Vocation Rehabilitation 12 years
 Home Loans No Limit
 Disability Compensation Time Varies
 VA Appeals 1 year to apply
 Medical Care No Limit
 Burial Benefits Time Varies
 One-Time Dental* 90 days to apply
 Disabled Veteran Insurance** 1 year
 Veteran Group Life Insurance 120 days from discharge
 Re-employment 90 days from discharge
 Unemployment Compensation Time Varies
 Employment Assistance No Limit

* Vets who are service connected for dental and former POW's have no time limit.
** One year from date of Compensation Award.