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Education Assistance for Survivors or Dependents

Survivors/Dependents Education:
Generally, when the veteran's death or permanent and total disability was the result of military service, the surviving spouses of deceased veterans, spouses of living veterans, and children (between 18 and 26 years of age) of either type of veteran, are eligible for assistance towards education.

In some cases, handicapped children may begin a special vocational or restorative course as early as age 14.

Generally, the period of eligibility for a spouse or child is 10 years from the date of death or the date the veteran was first found to have a service connected disability that is total and permanent in nature.

For spouses of MIA's the time begins when the service person is listed as missing in action. 

War Orphan Scholarship (Ohio):
The children of deceased, disabled (60% or more), and MIA Ohio veterans can qualify. Veterans must have served at least 90 days during time of war and meet certain residency requirements. Income is considered in the application process. You must file by July 1st. Contact our office for more information.